1-Click to Ethical Hacking

Platform for security education, which allows users to try out ethical hacking and penetration testing using Kali Linux through a browser. It makes it possible to conduct trainings for even large groups without the need for installing virtual environments or other tools.

Haaukins stand out is that each user is assigned a virtual lab, which is accessed through a Kali Linux accessible through a web browser. After registration, the user just clicks the “connect” button, and he can access the Kali Linux desktop.

Haaukins is not having a strictly defined target audience, it is designed for everyone interested in learning about Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking. The platform was used during various events that were held at Aalborg University and highschools. Far more, it is an ideal teaching environment for better engaging with students, while they can try the concept of CTFs.

Nonetheless, Haaukins was used beyond the academic setup, by different companies for training their employees and raising the awareness for Cyber Security.


Our primary aim to involve anyone who desires to learn capturing the flag concept in cybersecurity which is a widely accepted approach to learn how to find vulnerability on a system. Despite all existing platform, Haaukins provides its own virtualized environment to you with an operating system which designed to find vulnerabilities